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Our belief at K2 is that everyone's career is unique and therefore the information they need should be catered to the individual. The information we have to incorporate and the knowledge we want to share will be associated with the following, but not limited to:

- What is an agent?

- What is a family advisor?

- How to pick an agent or family advisor.

- What to expect when various leagues contact you and how to deal with it.

- Important questions to ask teams that call you.

- How to pick a camp you should attend, based off the invites you've received.

- The meaning of different routes in hockey (CHL vs NCAA - CJHL vs CHL - North American Pro vs European pro - etc.)

- What playing multiple sports means for your career/development and should you do it?

- Requirements to get into NCAA or Canadian University/College.

- The different types of scholarships available for post-secondary options in Canada and the U.S.A.

- The importance of education.

- The importance of network building.

- The importance of resume building.

- What it's like to move away from home, especially at a young age.

- What it's like for the parents when your athlete moves away from home, especially at a young age.

- What it's like to live with a billet family.

- What it's like to get traded.

- What it's like to get "sent down".

- What it's like to get drafted to the CHL and/or NHL.

- What it means if you don't get drafted.

- What North American Pro is like.

- What European Pro is like.

- Importance of goal setting.

- Leadership development.

- Some basic stats in the hockey world and what it's like climbing the ranks.

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